Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

HES provide complete solution in Design and Fabrication of Shell and Tube type heat exchangers. Design using licensed software from HTRI for Thermal Design sizing and PVelite for mechanical strength calculation.




Material of construction for Shell & tube exchanger ranging from normal carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum Brass, Copper Nickel to superior material Duplex, Super Duplex, Nickel Alloy, Titanium and etc.


Fuel Gas Boiler

Stainless steel 304
OD1000mm x 7000mmL

1a (1)



Bulk orders of Super Duplex Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for Seawater application.
Material: Super Duplex
UNS S32750 / S32760



HES are experience in all kind exoctic material weld overlay or explosion cladding to combat corrosion and to achieve cost effectiveness when dealing with highly corrosive mediums. Examples of weld overlay done are Super Duplex, Duplex, Alloy 625, Copper Nickel CuNi70/30, and etc.


Kettle Type Propane Chiller
Client : EAE/ DPS Bristol / MMHE
Project : FPSO Topside Dew Point Packages



HES providing complete in-house tube bending using cold bend method and self design bending mould and jig fixture. Tube flattening and wall thinning are within the limitation of TEMA tolerances. Stress relieve on U-bend section are according to Code and Client requirement.